George Ross

George Ross, Senior Pastor, concludes our David series with “Leaving Your Legacy.” We examine David’s legacy as described in his faith, finances, family and friends. As in the life of David, our lives can also be redeemed through our repentance and belief in God’s grace. Our legacy is built as we speak and can be ruined leaving us in knots. Coming back to God and giving Him those knots can tie our hearts to Him and be our legacy.



Nate Ross

Nate Ross, Associate Pastor, completes our “Foundations” series with “Choices We Have to Make—Part 2”. Nate concludes Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount with a courageous message of hope. When life’s storms come after us, we will have a choice to make. Jesus calls us to put His Word into practice and pursue the narrow road that leads to life.  In the midst of these storms, God will be at work. Seek Him above everything else and stand on His solid foundation.

The Life of Jesus in You


George Ross

Our series, "The Life of Jesus in You" concludes with "His Resurrection and Ours". We examine the resurrection of Jesus with Senior Pastor, George Ross, to see what really happened. The proof presented to so many then is still our hope today. Because He is risen from the dead, we can be with our Lord forever in Heaven. The tomb is still empty!


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Ironman 2014


Tom Franklin

This week, Tom Franklin, speaks from Deuteronomy 31 & 32 about Moses' death.  While Moses had done many great things in his life, he still had to face the consequences of what he had done.

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