The Life of Jesus in You


George Ross

Our series, "The Life of Jesus in You" concludes with "His Resurrection and Ours". We examine the resurrection of Jesus with Senior Pastor, George Ross, to see what really happened. The proof presented to so many then is still our hope today. Because He is risen from the dead, we can be with our Lord forever in Heaven. The tomb is still empty!



Nate Ross

Nate Ross, Associate Pastor, concludes our "Transformed" series with "God at Work in My Work". We examine how God wants to transform us in our work and what He's called us to do with our abilities. Our work and how we work matters to God. He wants us to be faithful and complete the work He has given us by allowing Him to work with us, because through our work others will see Him. Our hope and identity is in Him alone. 

Grounded 2014


George Ross

George concludes our "Grounded 2014" series with "The Power of Giving and Going". As we examine God's Word on giving appropriately from our hearts with the gifts He has given us, He asks us to test Him. We honor Him with these gifts by going and sharing them in a spirit of love through our service to others. When we do this in His name and allow Him to do more through our lives, we become grounded in Him and He will do more than we can ask or imagine.


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Ironman 2014


Ted Wilson

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