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Ever Wonder What Your Calling is in Life?

We have three core values that go along with our mission statement to ‘Connect unconnected people to Jesus Christ.” Christ.  Community.  Calling. Obviously our faith and hope are built on the life, sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus, and the gift of His Church is the way for us to be the people of God. But what does it look like to do the “calling of God” in our lives? Jesus’ own mother and brothers were lost when it came to this question. ... Read More
at Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Secret to Greatness...

We talked last weekend about God doing extraordinary things in our ordinary lives. Serve Day is a testament to this truth & we even saw a seriously awesome story that took place during Serve Day. Check out the first 10 min of the sermon to hear what happened HERE !  Herby is a prime example of what Greatness in God looks like. We don’t have to be famous to live a great life in God, but we do need to know the one who is Great, Jesus. Jesus rattled our cages this... Read More
at Tuesday, May 7, 2019