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“But the Lord…”

These three words in Acts 9:15 are paramount to understanding how to deal with the topic we discussed this weekend of how to share our faith.  Jesus is calling us to be His Ambassadors in this world and to help lead others to find healing and hope in Jesus.  A simple way to remember how to share your story looks like this… 


I use to ____________________ (list struggles, sins & issues) BUT THE LORD Saved me and now I’m ____________________ (who you are in Christ). 


That is just a simple way to remember our story.  For most of us, sharing our faith is a struggle.  There is the gift of evangelism that the Spirit gives some Christians and they are absolutely phenomenal at starting a conversation, listening and leading people to see how much they need Jesus.

My struggle (and sometimes temptation from Satan) to share my faith comes from my personality & spiritual gift of encouragement.  The number one gift that God has given me is to build people up and typically in short burst. Sharing my faith or speaking on behalf of God can sometime not feel like I’m building people up.  Jesus is a pretty divisive topic right now and has been for the past 2000 years. 


What I’m learning is that faith is more important than my feelings. 

And to be Rooted in Christ means that Christ’s acceptance of me is more valuable than people’s acceptance of me.  This how I not only overcome my fear of sharing my faith, but how I can even share my faith in the first place. 


So how do we share our faith?  

I didn’t get to mention this in every service this weekend, but one way we share our faith is when we hear the word “NOT.”  When someone says this word, it could be an open door to share our faith. 

  1. Not in Church 
  2. Not very happy 
  3. Not see this coming 
  4. Not sure what to do 


I would love to open the Bible with some one every time I share my faith, but typically that doesn’t happen. It’s a moment that hopefully can turn into a dialogue that leads to connecting their lives to Christ.  But most of the time it’s an invitation to catch a service, ask to pray for them or share the idea that Christ is with them in their pain.  

I had one guy stop me when I was sharing Christ with him as he was in the middle of marital problems. He stopped me and said, “Can you tell me about God later, I just need to know what to do to save my marriage.”   As much as I wanted to tell him that his deeper problem was the very thing he resisted, I either needed to talk about some healthy steps he could take to help his marriage or keep pushing the faith conversation that would have driven him away. 


Speak from a Power you don’t Possess… 

Jesus knew we’d struggle to share our faith, so instead of acting like you don’t struggle, just confess that you do. Because the quicker we do, the faster God can work in and through our lives.

“When you are brought before synagogues, rulers and authorities, do not worry about how you will defend yourselves or what you will say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.”  Luke 12:11-12

All I know how to do is worry when it comes to sharing my faith.  The Holy Spirit knows how to teach us and will supply us with the words in the most fearful places.  So sharing our faith begins with letting the Holy Spirit, the very presence of God, lead us.  

Who knows the people or opportunities the Lord has for us to share Him and invite others into a life with their Creator. But the Lord is committed to speaking and redeeming the world in Christ through us.  

Lets get Rooted so we can bear some serious fruit!


Love you guys, 

Nate Ross

Posted by Sam Thomas at 6:00 AM