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Dino Nite & What to do When Life Ain’t Right

The Church has always been a place where people of all ages are to welcomed, poured into and set free to live the life God has called us to. But sometimes it takes dinosaurs to help communicate the good news of Jesus to the next generation!

Dino-Nite was an absolute success for our 3-5th graders! We had 257 of them stay over night on Friday to have fun, learn about Jesus and build community with one another.  It also involved 70 volunteers, 90 pizzas, 600 krispy kremes and a partridge in a pear tree. But I am SO THANKFUL for our Next Gen staff, especially our 3-5thgrade minister Caleb Brown, for stepping up and leading our next generation to know Christ. 


What to do When Life Ain’t Right.

This weekend we dove deep into the question, “where is God in the midst of our suffering?”  

If you didn’t get to catch the sermon, WATCH HERE.

A few things to remember in our suffering:

  1. It’s okay to not be okay. 

We feel bad about not ‘having it together’ which is exactly why we come to Jesus in the first place.  We run into deeper problems when we keep resisting giving control over to God and allowing Him into our pain. 

If you’re suffering from a tragedy in life or need some special counsel beyond a life group, feel free to view our Care Groups HERE


  1. Surrender to win.

Let’s admit it, we don’t like losing. And often times giving control over to God can feel like we’re losing, but in reality it’s the only way we can win in our suffering. 


  1. Carry each other’s burden. 

“Carry each other’s burdens & in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”Galatians 6:2

This is what makes the Church, the Church.  We’re not just to be people “saved by Jesus” and live a life that hopefully we don’t mess up. But we’re to be people saved by Jesus, who are sent by Him into this world to care for others. One of the ways people get to see God in the midst of their suffering is through you and me. 

What. An. Honor. 

Northside family, I pray that we can be real with God about where we are and what we’re experiencing. God’s not backing up a bit from loving us in the midst of our suffering, if anything He turning up the care and compassion in the midst of our hardships.  

So lets grieve well when we face suffering, but let’s do this together.  For we have Christ with us, who has suffered all things so we don’t suffer without hope! 

Love you guys!