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​​​​​​​“I’m a professional weed killer” 

This was said to me in a conversation after the Saturday night service by one of the Northside Family after I kicked off our new series, “Pulling Weeds: Letting go of what God never intended.”  

 Of course, this made me love our Church even more!   This farmer was letting me know that what Jesus was calling His disciples to do in Matthew 16 (deny yourself, take up your cross & follow me) is exactly what he does physically to kill the weeds on the 5,000 acres he farms. 

He said the best way to kill weeds is to have the fastest, healthiest growing crops possible because it provides shade, which blocks weeds from growing.  

 I think our farmer friend is right when he said Jesus is saying the same thing spiritually in this text.  The best way to defeat the “weeds” that grow in our hearts is to be the healthiest followers of Jesus we can possibly be, which means taking care of the soil of our hearts so God’s work can be fruit in our lives. 

We want to be a Church that is ROOTED but also BUILT UP in Christ in everyway.  One way we’re investing more into your heart and soul is by expanding our sermons questions for your Life Groups. GET THEM HERE

You can also download the Northside app HERE and view the sermon questions from the weekend as well as take notes during the sermon in the notes section for easy reference in the future.  When we allow the Spirit of God and the Word of God to lead our lives, we will look like a different person. 



“For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life FOR ME will find it.” Matthew 16:25

It’s easy to feel lost in this world and not have a purpose. Jesus says that when you lose yourself in Him and He becomes our purpose, we will finally find our life. The world is waiting to win and yet we can spend our whole lives searching without finding any meaning.  Jesus says first lose yourself and you’ll win.  

Scary isn’t it? But it’s always true.  

This Sunday we’ll send out over a hundred on an Outreach Trip to Guatemala for a week to build homes and love people who don’t have the necessities in life.  We’ll also send interns to serve in Romania next week for the coming months as more people are answering God’s call to serve others in a local ministry context, and our Jr. High students are also out this week in the community on a local mission trip of their own by learning about hurting people in our own backyard.

So this week … Get Lost!

In His love.

In His Mercy.

In His Presence.

In His Power.

For only then will you find the life that is promised in this world. 


Love you all!

Nate Ross