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“I’m not Judging, I’m just saying.” 

We’ve all used this line to speak of other people and give ourselves the permission to judge others without feeling guilty. This weekend we dove into week 3 of Pulling Weeds and found out how God calls us not to be people who condemn others or condone sin, but to care for one another.  Jesus has some simple but surprising steps in how we live His life compared to the way of the world. Check out this weeks message HERE. 

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”  - Matthew 7:12

Jesus boils the entire Old Testament into one sentence. THANK YOU, JESUS!

God’s not just concerned about us but everyone.  The way we live effects others. 



Over 100 Northsiders went to Guatemala last week to love, share and be the hands and feet of Jesus. What happens in Guatemala DOESN’T STAY in Guatemala!  God uses these trips to bring help and healing to folks but to also grow us in our faith and next steps.  



This is Sonny Murphy. He’s a Senior at Floyd Central and on this trip God opened up the door for him to become an intern with Casa Por Cristo starting this summer. He’ll be one of their videographers that travels to different countries to capture the stories of what God is doing!  I love that Jesus simply asks us to join Him in His plan to redeem the world!



You might not know where to start by loving your neighbor, but don’t worry, SERVE DAY has you covered! Get some of your friends or your life group to sign up and make a BIG impact in a SMALL way.



Be praying for our Easter weekend services and think about who God’s putting on your heart to invite to come hear about the Hope we have in Jesus. 


Grace & Peace,