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Purpose is Caught not just Taught

Ben did a great job preaching this weekend preaching on the Good Samaritan out of Luke 10. Jesus was asked a question, “who is my neighbor?” by a man who was trying to justify himself by what he knew instead of how he lived.  Jesus leaves no room for us to think we’re great followers of Him by only knowing Scripture by never applying it.  So Jesus did as only Jesus can, He leaned into the heart of the matter so everyone could catch His teaching.  


Look Out for the Left Out

Jesus calls His followers to serve those who are being abused, who are experiencing injustice and left for dead in our society; even if the people in the ditches of life have no desire or love for God.

Jesus used race as part of His story in Luke 10 because He knows this carries a lot of history and turmoil.  This month we remember & celebrate Black History Month in our nation and we need to be honest that there’s still deep racial tension. 

As much as there’s to celebrate in Black History Month, there’s a lot to mourn as well. The treatment given throughout the years to African Americans cannot be forgot or minimized, especially from the Church.  One of the most helpful ways we can bring healing into the world is by taking time to listen and learn from others, especially from other races. 

I’ve never met Bryan Loritts, but he is teaching me about how to pastor with purpose in the midst of racial divide.  Bryan’s book, Insider Outsider: My Journey as a Stranger in White Evangelicalism and My Hope for Us All, is an honest conversation about calling the Church back to it’s purpose of caring for everyone including those being left out.   

Here’s a podcast of Bryan talking about the issue of race we face in the Church todayIt has helped me tremendously. LISTEN HERE


“Go & Do Likewise”

Jesus ends his parable directing our attention to be neighbors who have mercy on each other and forgetting our excuses.  Because a Church who has lost its purpose will soon lose it’s passion.  

Northside family, may we look, listen and love people with Jesus this week.

‘Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.”– Luke 10:37

Love you guys,

Nate Ross