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Putting Roots Down

Hey Northside Family, 

I hope this LOOP finds you doing well and excited as we kick off our first week of groups diving into ROOTED.  This is not just a 9 week curriculum, but a plan of introducing us into life long habits of walking with Jesus because as He said in John 15:5, “Apart from me you can do nothing.”  


Last night, Ruthie and I got to take our daughter Lily to her first ever IU basketball game (they may never let us back in the building after that loss!).  We snuck down on the floor and took a quick family photo. We borrowed a pair of kid size candy strip pants for her to wear, bought popcorn & a hot dog, showed her around assembly hall and pointed out all the history that place holds. 

Most of us become a fan of a certain team or got introduced to our favorite hobbies because someone introduced us to it early in our life.  The same is true for us when we become a Christian.  Someone introduces us to Jesus or Jesus introduces Himself to us and then uses people to guide us into the way of putting new roots down in Him. 

You could tell who has been a “life-long” IU fan.  You could see it in their passion, hear it in their voice and then the “quiet walk to the car” after the loss.  When you’re committed to something it effects your emotions, impacts your decisions and can change your attitude. 



What was also really neat is this whole night happened because of my friend Gavin. He lives in Indianapolis and wanted to see an IU game with me this year.  Gavin and I have been friends for 22 years now and he basically saved me in my freshmen year of high school in Las Vegas. He had moved to Vegas a year prior from Indiana due to his dad’s job, just like I had. He was a senior and could tell I was struggling in life, so he came along side me and invested in me.  

Last night we talked about life, our families, Jesus and I told him about Rooted.  I kid you not, he said, “that’s funny, we’re starting Rooted at our Church this Wednesday!”  


Well, actually the odds are very good!  Jesus actually promised stuff like this would happen. When we root our identity, purpose, friendships, & calling in Him, we see amazing & extraordinary things happen in our lives.  Not because of us, but because of the one who wants to “build us up.”


God wants to build you up in CHRIST.  

God is faithful and has provided the COMMUNITYyou need in the Church.

God has a dynamic CALLINGfor us in His Kingdom to bear fruit in this world. 


All we do is take the simple step of joining Him and He WILL bear fruit in our lives.

So here’s to being Rooted this year because God will still be producing fruit from it 22 years later!   

Grace and Peace,