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“We are Easter people living in a Good Friday world.”

“We are Easter people living in a Good Friday world.” - Barbara Johnson 

It didn’t take long for us to remember why we needed Christ to die to take away the sins of the world & rise to defeat death. 

With almost 300 lives lost & over 500 injuries in Sri Lanka from suicide bombers, we are met once again with disappointment, anger & deep heartache. Any life lost in situations like this is horrible, but to know our Christian brothers & sisters were targeted hits even closer to home. 

This is why God chose love as His response to change this world. Responding to violence with only violence leaves us with violence. 

We’re Easter people living in a Good Friday world alright, which is why we need to recognize that Easter isn’t over, but it was God's declaration that He is making all things new! 

And God’s resurrection power lives in us when Christ changes our lives. I LOVE that we could work Serve Day out to follow Easter. It’s a sign post, a declaration to the world that despite the evil that still is at work, Heaven has come to earth. And we have been entrusted to partner with God to redeem the world one person, one place, one conversation at a time.

What an honor & what an opportunity! Northside, may we live the resurrection life with resurrection power by the Holy Spirit. And may we see our home, our neighborhoods, our work places, our schools, our towns & God's world, be reconciled back to Him! 

Let’s pour ourselves out so this world may know Easter is here! 

Grace & Peace