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What if Jesus doesn’t Answer Your Request?

This kind of sounds harsh coming from such a “loving” God, doesn’t it? I mean, if He loved us, He’d give us what we wanted, right? 

We discovered this weekend in Luke 12 that Jesus is more concerned about our hearts than our requests. A man came to Jesus & asked for His help to get his brother to share the inheritance (which he didn’t need to) with him. Turns out greed has been around for a loooonnngg time! 

Jesus heard the man’s (and ours) request, but He loves us too much to just give us whatever we think is best for our lives. Take a moment to read Luke 12:13-34 if you weren’t here this weekend or watch the sermon.


What if we don’t answer Jesus’ request?

The question in the text isn’t if Jesus will make the brother share the inheritance, but will the man listen to what Jesus has to say.  The same is true for us. 

Jesus answered the man’s request with a story of a guy that tried to “get rich or die trying” except, well, he died the moment he got really rich! 


Worry.  Fear.  Scarcity. 

When it comes to our money & possessions, one if not all three of these are a part of the discussion. We don’t think we have enough, which leads to being afraid, so then we white knuckle or consume whatever we have & never become the grateful & generous people God created us to be.


Worship.  Seek.  Give. 

Jesus knows we’re gonna worry about our finances, that’s why He says don't worry about your life or what you’ll eat or drink, God’s got you!  

Don’t Worry ... You’re VALUABLE to God & He’ll take care of you. (v.24)

Don’t Lack Faith...SEEK His Kingdom. (v.29-31) 

Don’t Be Afraid...GIVE Generously. (v. 32-34)

It’s not IF we’ll worry about our lives, but what will we'll do WHEN we worry?  God calls us to worship our way out of worry because worshipping leads to seeking & seeking leads to taking action. 

Jesus is our provider, He is our plan, & He is our treasure. 

So in light of what’s going on your heart & life, where do you need to let Jesus be your answer today? 

Love you guys!

Nate Ross