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What’s My Purpose in Life?

This is a hard question to answer, especially if we don’t put purpose in its rightful place. This is why it’s always fuzzy when we ask ourselves or others ask, ‘what’s your purpose?’   

We want to know what the purpose is for MY life but the problem is that purpose is a means not a goal. So we keep looking for ‘our’ purpose but never find it because we’ve focused on the end and not the means. 

Every company has a mission statement and a lot start something like this:  ‘we exist to…’.  The company is stating that they’re here to serve a purpose, solve a problem or provide depth to an area you may struggle in, but if their purpose isn’t of benefit to others, well, they won’t have a business for long.


Jesus’ Purpose Statement. 

Jesus didn’t even exist for Himself while on earth.  This almost sounds like heresy, I mean He’s Jesus for cryin’ out loud! But He was always about His Father’s business and knew He was here to serve God’s purposes. 

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.” – Luke 19:10

Why could Jesus die on the cross?  Purpose

Why could He put up with & use the disciples dysfunction & denial?   Purpose


Purpose is Powerful!

Hero’s of the faith and throughout history always lived with a purpose greater than them.  This is why dad’s message was so important this weekend. 


  • If we UNDERSTAND God’s Purpose then we can ACCEPT our CALLING. 
  • If we see the BIG PICTURE then we can SWING for the FENCE. 
  • If we PARTNER with the Holy Spirit then we can SHAKE the BRIDGE together. 
  • If we EMBRACE our GIFTS & ARENAS then we can SEIZE our DAY. 


Paul reminds us of our PURPOSE as soon as we become Christians.

            “We are therefore Christ’s AMBASSADORS (our new purpose in life!), as though God were making His appeal through us.”  -  2 Corinthians 5:20-21


We’re not just saved in Christ, but we are to now show Christ to this world that God is redeeming. We’re God’s means of displaying Christ to the world.  Talk about having a purpose in life!  Makes my palms sweat just typing this! 


Purpose is a MEANS but to what END? 

Why seek and save the lost?  Why make us ambassadors?  One simple word: LOVE. We know it’s Valentines Day this week and we’ll buy some candy or go out for dinner, but the candy and dinner is means it’s not the ends. Love is the end goal of any relationship and this heart comes from the heart of God.  It’s God’s heart that none should parish that leads to His purpose.  

So have purpose today knowing that we’re called to be His light in this world but all of this is fueled by the goal of love.  And it’s God’s love that will always give us purpose in this life.  May we see clearly and love deeply today. 


Grace & Peace,