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​​​​​​​You Won’t Believe What God Did! 

I’ve got some amazing stories, pictures and life change to share with you from our Baptism Weekend. But behind the incredible stories, is a God who has remained faithful from the beginning, in our despair and in our turning towards Him.  HE IS ENOUGH!

We saw Jesus rescue & redeem 60 people this week!

From seven to ninety-three year olds, life change was happening all over the place!  



We wrapped up our Rooted series by looking at and embracing the “root” system of the Church that keeps us growing in the ways of Jesus.  It’s so easy to be self-sufficient today, yet we’re more disconnected than ever.  Technology isn’t the problem but the way our hearts use it and if we’re not careful, use one another, leaves us empty & void of life.  

God has given us the Church because it’s a BODY (1 Corinthians 12:12-13), it’s a PEOPLE (1 Peter 2:9-12) and it’s the PRESENCE (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  

Every moment from gathering as the Church to being the Church in our everyday lives, matters. We had people get baptized after only being at Northside for three weeks and we had some get baptized and it was their FIRST TIME to Northside!  

And you know what the common factor was in these stories?  People invited, invested, have been praying for & doing whatever they could so they could know and experience the love of Jesus.  

So we don’t just celebrate the 60 people who got baptized, we also celebrate the Church who God worked through to lead these 60 people back to Him!



Our mission of “Connecting unconnected people to Jesus Christ” is more than just an introduction to Him, but helping people follow in His ways.  Forever Chosen was a special night where 290 jr/sr. high ladies and their fathers or father like figures celebrated each other as the dads spoke words of blessings over their daughters as God has called fathers to be protectors of their daughters as God is our protector.  

“I will build MY Church.”   Jesus keeps being true to His promise, may we be true to being His Church. 


Love being the Church with you!