H.I.S. Kidz

H.i.s. Kidz

H.I.S. Kidz is a Special Needs Ministry created out of the desire to connect every child with Jesus. We believe that all children are deeply loved by God and should be given the opportunity to learn about Jesus at their level. We desire to support children and families in their faith journey. This is done through individualized plans using both a buddy system and a flex room on the weekends at Northside.

HOPE – Bringing hope and support to individuals with special needs and their families (John 9:1-3)
INCLUSION – Inviting all to join God and call Northside home. (Mark 16:15)
SUPPORT – Providing respite and spiritual support in the church community. (Luke 14:12-14)

What is a flex room?

The flex room is part sensory room, part classroom. It is designed to allow students to do small group activities with their buddy and learn about the Bible in a smaller setting. It is also a place for kids to calm down when they become overstimulated or overwhelmed. This room is a blessing because students can come and go in this area as they need. If a child would benefit from leaving the large group area during the story, they can go to the flex room to learn it with a buddy or in a small group. Individual plans can be made based on what serves each individual best.

What is a buddy?

Some individuals may need extra support to be successful in a classroom and during large group. A buddy is a great solution for this!  Having a buddy allows them to leave their classroom and utilize the flex room as needed. Buddies will be matched based on the needs of the child, and the experiences and qualities of the buddy.

How do we get signed up?

Safety is a top priority for both Northside and H.I.S. Kidz. As a parent or loved one of a child in our care, we will ask you to fill out an intake form or have an intake conversation. This ensures that we are aware of any health needs, diagnoses, and other important info.  Because of this, we kindly ask that you fill out an intake form or contact us 24 hours prior to your FIRST visit at Northside. Part of taking the best possible care of all individuals is disclosing important information to buddies and volunteers working directly with your child.

Fill out intake form

Interested in becoming a H.I.S. Kidz volunteer? Please email Samantha Ramser at hiskidz@mynorthside.com