Master of Arts in Ministry

Specialization in Spiritual Formation

Admission Requirements & Application


Churches and ministries need leaders who have been stretched, tempered, and equipped to meet the challenges of today’s culture. Partnering with the Northside Leadership Institute, Lincoln Christian University’s Master of Arts in Ministry can help meet that need.  Accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, the Higher Learning Commission, and the Association for Biblical Higher Education, this degree will help you build on prior education and experience so you can transition to a new career or transform your current one.

The Master of Arts in Ministry is a 36-hour professional degree that prepares you for service in a congregation or other ministry setting. While you study here, you’ll be working alongside nationally respected Christian educators, authors, and leaders—all of whom have personal and ongoing experiences in all types of ministry. Your core classes will give you the tools you need to interpret and apply the Bible accurately and faithfully, along with a very strong focus on leadership.  Our goal is that you see how the Gospel intersects with every facet of life and ministry.

We’ve designed the MA in Ministry to enrich your relationship with Christ and your understanding of God’s Word, enable you to lead with wisdom and integrity, and equip you to embody Christ in your research. We hope to help you to do all God is calling you to do and be all that God is asking you to be.

Spiritual Formation Specialization

At its core, Spiritual formation is about experiencing God in authentic relationship. The Spiritual Formation Specialization tied to the Master of Arts in Ministry is designed to help you and those you serve practice the presence of God more deeply in your homes, schools, businesses, churches, ministries, missions, and communities.  Attention to Spiritual practices (including richly varied forms of prayer), models of compassion, the practice of Sabbath-rest, and assessing Spiritual growth, coupled with exposition, curriculum writing, preparing and leading retreats, and group Spiritual direction, provides both the understanding and skills necessary for multiple life and ministry contexts. You will learn from contemporary spiritual leaders, history’s best devotional writers, and especially from what the Holy Spirit can teach you about how people experience God in everyday life.


Live classes at Northside are taught in cohorts on Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:30pm by Dr. Neal Windham.  Other classes, taught by qualified Lincoln professors, are offered online and, in certain cases, synchronously, with live video linked to classes taught in Lincoln.  Students may also choose to take week-long intensives (fall, winter, and spring), either in Lincoln or, in some cases, linked synchronously to a Northside classroom.  Live classes offered at Northside Christian Church begin Thursday, August 22 and run through the fall term.

Semester Terms

The 36-hour degree can be completed in two years by taking two classes per semester, three semesters per year, including fall, spring, and summer terms.  Live courses at Northside are typically offered in the fall and spring terms only.

Course List

BI 603:  Interpreting the Old Testament
BI 604:  Interpreting the New Testament
CH 500:  Understanding the Stone-Campbell Movement and My Own Heritage
or CH 801:  History and Theology of the Stone-Campbell Movement
CH 600:  Christianity Through the Ages
or CH 706
:  History of Christian Spirituality
IC 603:  Cultural Insights for Effective Ministry and Missions
LS 601:  Personal Development in Christian Ministry
LS 602:  Theology of Leadership for Christian Ministry
LC 607:  Ministry and Leadership Ethics
Specialization Courses:
Three Spiritual Formation (SF) classes tied to a residency, applying your learning to real-life ministry contexts.
LS 905:  Field Experience Capstone Project
For more info on these courses, visit the Lincoln Christian Seminary website.


The Master of Arts in Ministry requires a residency. Residencies can be completed in a local church or para-church ministry, but must be approved by your academic advisor, Dr. Windham. Learning covenants, arranged between student, professor, and any others involved in the residency (mentors, supervisors, etc.), spell out the expectations of the residency in detail. The residency is closely tied to the Spiritual formation specialization.

Potential Careers

The Master of Arts in Ministry will help prepare you for service in these areas: discipleship, small groups, adult ministries, associate ministries, pastoral care, Spiritual formation, campus ministries, para-church/non-profit ministries, and more.


Tuition cost for the MA degree is $453 per credit hour + books and applicable fees. The cost for the certificate option (non-degree) is $150 per course, plus any applicable fees.  

Please take advantage of our financial aid services and see what aid you might be eligible to receive. You can find the scholarship information and application for graduate students by clicking HERE.


The application process is simple and available online.  Apply below for the Master of Arts in Ministry or Certificate in Spiritual Formation.

Admission Requirements & Application

Meet Dr. Neal Windham

Dr. Windham joined Northside staff in June 2019 to lead Northside's Leadership Institute and the Masters in Ministry degree program. He has earned two Masters degrees from Lincoln Christian Seminary, and a Doctorate of Ministry from Azusa Pacific.  After many years as a university professor on the college campus, Dr. Windham is excited to teach and train in the local church setting.
View Dr. Neal Windham's Curriculum Vitae for his education, experience, and credentials.

For more information, e-mail the program director, Dr. Neal Windham, or call 812-945-8704.