Leadership Institute

The Northside Leadership Institute exists to develop Christian leaders through meaningful education and training designed to connect people to Jesus.

NLI offers three great programs: 

Master of Arts in Ministry

This 36-hour Masters of Arts degree program with a specialization in Spiritual Formation is awarded through Lincoln Christian University.  Some classes are taught live at Northside Christian Church on Thursday nights by Dr. Neal Windham, while others are taken online.  The program includes a residency whereby students serve a part-time role in a local church ministry.  Fall classes begin August 22. 
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School of Ministry

This inexpensive 1- or 2-year program on Thursday nights equips students to become effective Christian leaders in any field where God might call them to serve.  The program provides a solid Bible education, trains in practical ministry, equips for leadership, and provides the opportunity for hands-on training with Northside pastors in a specialized area of ministry.  Fall classes begin August 22. 
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Certificate in Spiritual Formation

The Lincoln Christian University Certificate in Spiritual Formation is a four-semester sequence of non-credit classes, focused on spiritual habits, growth, compassion, and renewal, designed to help students live in authentic relationship with God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and God's creation. To enroll in the certificate program, students apply to Lincoln Christian University, as do Master of Arts students, audit classes at a substantially reduced rate, and have access to the university's online learning platform, Canvas. Students will sit in on the same lectures and discussions as the Master of Arts students, but they will not be required to do the assignments required for that degree. Nor will they be given academic credit for these courses (though there will be a record of their having audited the classes on their university transcripts). Upon auditing these four courses, students in this program will be awarded a Certificate in Spiritual Formation. The Certificate in Spiritual Formation is a great option for those who, for whatever reasons, are unable to complete all the course work for the Master of Arts in Ministry.