Dear Friends,

Some years back, I began a spiritual quest in the Psalms. Arising early in the morning, day after day, I poured a cup of coffee and slowly began to work my way through Israel’s rich hymnal. Barely able to stay awake some mornings, I yet discovered here a rich treasure of liberating truth. I noticed the unmerited grace of God, capable of forgiving my darkest sins. I saw the crippling fears of a shepherd-turned-king overcome with the large awareness that God knows our hearts better than we, and he is more than able to free us from our deepest fears. I sensed an unswerving commitment to things holy and right and good. And I found peace with God as I read, laughed, cried, confessed, repented, rejoiced, and prayed with the psalmists.

I want to invite you to join me in a month-long, self-directed retreat as we reflect on these Psalms. I pray you’ll find God in the pages of Israel’s “Oldies,” some of the most personal and urgent writings in all of Scripture. And I trust that these meditations may in some way help you get there. I suggest that you read the psalm itself first and then ponder the meditation in a season of prayer. There are 31 meditations in all, one devotion for each day of the month. As you read and pray, journal about the insights and promptings you’re gathering, all with a view to deep reflection and prayer.

A brief word about journaling. The journal is a personalized “sacred history,” capturing both the real (you’ve got to be honest to God here) and the significant (as opposed to every little detail of your life). Journals serve us in at least two ways: (1) providing regular reflection on our Spiritual growth, maybe quarterly, as we assess our walk with God, and (2) offering hope against the unclear days of Spiritual amnesia which accompany us as we grow older. It’s just good to know where you’ve come from in order to see just where you’re going. The entries needn’t be long, but they should be meaty.

Not every meditation is the same length. Nor are they even in terms of the sorts of issues I’ve chosen to comment upon. Some are far more personal than others, some illustrated with image and story. In general, I loosened up more as I went along.

My absolute best wishes for you. May the peace of God and the grace of our Lord cast a large and sturdy ray of hope over your soul, and may you find deep, lasting refreshment in each day’s prayers.

Grace & Peace,
Neal Windham


To recieve a daily reminder of this reading, text JOINGOD to 41411.

Psalm 1 - Scripture
Psalm 2 - Sovereignty
Psalm 3 - Deliverance
Psalm 4 - Rest
Psalm 5 - Words

Psalm 6 - Healing
Psalm 7 - Responsibility
Psalm 8 - Perspective
Psalm 9 - Remembering
Psalm 10 - Pride

Psalm 11 - Refuge
Psalm 12 - Evil
Psalm 13 - Persistence
Psalm 14 - Omniscience (God Knows All)
Psalm 15 - Integrity

Psalm 16 - Life
Psalm 17 - Confidence
Psalm 18 - Character
Psalm 19 - Glory
Psalm 20 - Support

Psalm 21 - Strength
Psalm 22 - Trust
Psalm 23 - Prescence
Psalm 24 - Access
Psalm 25 - Sin

Psalm 26 - Constancy
Psalm 27 - Focus
Psalm 28 - Justice
Psalm 29 - Power
Psalm 30 - Dancing

Psalm 31 - Neighbors
Psalm 32 - Safe
Psalm 33 - Hope