Calendar & Time Commitment

2019-2020 Term

Starts Thursday, August 22, 2019 and concludes on May 7, 2020.  The class calendar is coordinated with local school schedules for spring/fall breaks and holidays.

2019-2020 Detailed Class Schedule available soon.

Two 1.5 hr classes are offered each week on Thursdays:
  4:30-6:00pm   Practical Ministry / Leadership (1.5 hrs)
  6:30-8:00pm   Bible/DC (1.5 hrs)

Class Schedule Available Soon


Time Commitment

Beyond the 3 hours of class, expect 6-8 hours of homework each week.  Much of this is reading, workbook, class presentations, and Bible verse memorization.  Completion of the program is based on class participation and homework completion, rather than a letter grade.

Beginning the second half of the first year, students will be paired with a Northside minister for 5-8 hours per week for a practicum where the student receives valuable hands-on experience and training in a specialized area of ministry.  Most of these hours will be on the weekends.  Scheduling is determined by the supervising minister/director.

Time Breakdown

1.5 hrs Bible Class
1.5 hrs Practical Ministry/Leadership Class
5 hrs Bible homework
1-3 hrs Practical Ministry/Leadership homework/reading
5-8 hrs Apprenticeship
14-19 hrs total