Over the last few years, Northside has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to The BigGive to help people in need.  This Christmas season, we're challenging you to BE the BigGive through an initiative we're calling the Thrill of Hope.  The challenge is simple--Pray, Talk, Practice. 


Pray for God to open your heart to what He is placing on your heart for you or your family to talk about.


Talk about what God is putting on your heart with your family, friends, life group, etc. Sharing ideas with others can easily spark creativity!


Make a plan for how you are going to live the thrill of hope and put it into practice.  Look for people in need around you, and serve that need.  Be creative! 

Tell Us Your Hope Story

Need help with ideas?  Here are a few to get you thinking:

Pray for and donate to an Outreach partner

Northside partners with Christian missions locally and around the world.  Learn about our partners, pray for them, and make a direct donation.

Deliver a holiday gift basket

Fill a gift basket and deliver it to a family in need, a public service person, school teacher, hospitalized individual, or the homeless.

Donate shoes, clothes, food, or toys

Lots of local missions or non-profits are collecting donated items to be distributed to kids and families in need.  You can make a difference.

Assist a single mom

Give a helping hand with house projects and/or assisting with the kids.  Christmas can be a chaotic time of year, especially for a single mom.

Visit the elderly

Ask an assisted living home about residents who don't visitors.  Visit and take a gift, and spend quality time talking, reading aloud, and playing a game.

Lend a helping hand

You might know a family, non-profit mission, or school who needs help with work projects such as cleaning, painting, landscaping, etc.

Prepare a meal

Some folks don't get a hot, home-cooked, holiday meal.  You can encourage a family or individual who is struggling this holiday season.

Pay it forward

Next time you go to a restaurant, drive-thru, or gas station--pay for another table's meal, the next car's order, or someone's gas at the pump.

Still Need Help?

So IN Love holiday projects have been identified for your family or small group to serve our community.  To find an opportunity and sign up to serve, click on the link below.

Find a So IN Love Holiday Project