W.E. Lead

Women’s Executive Leadership, or W.E. Lead, is a community of women who lead at Northside Christian church as well as in our local and global communities. 


The ‘E’ of W.E. Lead is not only

Executive, but also

Empowering, Equipping, and Educational. 



Whether we gather in a small group or as a community at large, our purpose is to invest in and develop women who lead through service and devotion to Jesus Christ.


Life Group Leaders

Life Groups are a great way to build friendships in which women can encourage each other, go through life together, grow together in Christ, and belong. 

Our Life Group Leaders serve between 5 to 12 women on a weekly and seasonal basis. For more information on how to become a Life Group Leader, please contact us at mjackson@mynorthside.com! 



Our network of W.E. Lead extends to women who guide, or Coach, our Life Group Leaders. Our Coaches build relationships through prayer, time, talents, and education. 

Our coaching structure, or Coaching Circles, are base on leadership passages from Exodus. Coaches serve at least one leader, with no more than a 1:5 ratio.


Women’s Ministry Network

Our network structure has allowed us to grow exponentially as a ministry. The larger we grow in connections to women, the smaller, more relational we want to lead. 

By creating these connections, rather than a single team or isolated committees, we have found that it has both been clarifying for our mission to "connect unconnected women to Jesus Christ", as well as provide better communication to and with women.