Your generosity helps us continue our mission of connecting unnconected people to Jesus Christ.

How to Get Started

It’s simple, secure, and best of all, only requires 30 seconds to complete. To start the process, please choose your giving option below.  Personal information will be requested in order to accurately record your donation and capture the information required for tax purposes.  You will need to click "Sign Up" if this is your first visit to the to the repeat giving area.

Already Giving?

We are in the process of trasitioning to a new payment platform called Pushpay, which allows for a fast and simple giving experience. Please follow the steps below to move your recurring gift to the new system.

Step 1: Cancel Old Recurring Giving
Step 2: Setup New Recurring Giving in Pushpay


If you have any questions or want further information on Northside’s Automated Giving program, please email our Finance Office at or call (812) 542-4033.