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Ever Wonder What Your Calling is in Life?

We have three core values that go along with our mission statement to ‘Connect unconnected people to Jesus Christ.”

Christ.  Community.  Calling.

Obviously our faith and hope are built on the life, sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus, and the gift of His Church is the way for us to be the people of God. But what does it look like to do the “calling of God” in our lives?

Jesus’ own mother and brothers were lost when it came to this question.

“For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”  Matthew 12:50

Jesus calls His own family to become more than just His physical family, but to be His Spiritual Family. When Jesus leads our lives, we commit to following the ways of God, which makes other believers our family in God.

God’s calling will play out in a unique way for everyone in regards to job, gifting and place of living.  His calling is also for us all to be His people and follow His way as His Church. The beauty of the Church is that we see God’s will playing out in the lives of others in His Church that inspire us, challenges us and lets us celebrate the redemption of Jesus in fresh ways.

This is why we shared Ron & Janet Mitchell’s story this weekend.

This “calling” is happening secretly throughout our Church. It was happening long before we showed it in the service. Janet actually watched me in the nursery & was a spiritual mother to me when I was a year old at the Church in Scottsburg, where I grew up.

So don’t worry about comparing your calling to another person’s calling.  The will of the Father is for us all through Jesus, and He is writing a story greater than anything we could write for ourselves.

Let us live our calling well!