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The heart of Northside Marriage is to help you have fun, love God, and develop His character in your marriage. Throughout the year, we offer events/workshops, learning communities, and premarital mentoring designed to equip, enrich, and root your marriage in Christ. See the events section below to discover upcoming marriage enriching gatheringsā€¦
The decision to marry someone is one of the most important choices you will make in life. An essential part of a lasting marriage is preparation, and that is what 2to1 Mentoring is all about. Our desire is to help engaged couples establish a strong foundation to build their marriage upon. Through 6 sessions with a mentor couple, you will discuss and apply biblical principles to key relationship areas.

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Northside Marriage Monthly is a once a month email designed to encourage your marriage. It is husband and wife friendly, and packed with insights to spark fun, conversations, and growth. So sign up, pick some ideas in the email, and see how doing the little things can have a big impact.

The University of Washington spent 30 years studying marriages, and they discovered that the core ingredient to success is friendship. In other words, couples not only have to love each other, they have to like each other as well. One of the best ways to stay in love and like is dating your spouse. Download pre-planned date nights to have fun and enrich your relationship.

To help narrow down the thousands of marriage resources available, we have curated a list just for you. Follow the link to discover recommended resources.


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Use these recommended resources to help you build a Christ-centered foundation.

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