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2017 Guatemala Mission Trip Day #3

The team had a great 2nd day of working! Here is an update from Doug:

What an amazing day in Guatemala!  Each of the teams stood walls of the homes and began putting up the siding. We're loving the interaction with the families and the kids in the community. The pastors have been working with us on the build sites, so it's great to see their support and work with the families. The community as a whole has been so encouraging, and thankful that we're here to help. Casas por Cristo has established a great reputation in this area, that regardless of what American group is here, they welcome us with smiles and encouragement. 

The teams are all doing great. As we observe the poverty around us, we can't help but to be reminded of the blessings we have back home. Still, blessings are not measured by our wealth, but by our relationship we have with Christ and with one another. We have a lot we can learn from the believers in Christ here.  

Our student team also gives us a short update:

Another solid day of work is behind us. The walls have been raised and siding has began. Tomorrow we will finish siding the houses and the roof. So thankful for these students and their enthusiasm to jump in and get the work done.