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2017 Guatemala Mission Trip Recap

Another amazing experience in Guatemala!

We've shared the stats--164 people, 120 HS students and adults from The Rising, 9 houses built, and 3 baptisms.  Beyond the stats, though, are the more important results of the trip--the countless moments of God working through this group. 

Before the trip, Matt Jaggers was coming up $490 short in his fundraising efforts.  One day, while driving a Mini Cooper into the Kroger gas station, a women drove up to him and said, "Cooper.  God put it on my heart to give $500 to 'Cooper', and I've been driving around this station for a while trying to figure it out, and then you pulled up in this car.  Here you go."  Amazing God story!

Many people learned life lessons that can never be learned in a classroom or from a good sermon.  You just have to experience it.  God can use you if you make yourself available, regardless of skills or experience.  Many from this group has never been on a mission trip before, and certainly have no experience building a home.  But look what was accomplished--nine families now have adequate housing.  For one elderly couple in their 70s/80s, they now have their first house that has a locking door.

Be sure to check The Rising Facebook page and see the photos and stories from our students.  We're so proud of our next generation who is living out their faith through service, and gave their spring break to love the world.  What a great example for all of us.

Casas por Cristo is a great mission to serve alongside.  Their planning, skills, and experience is great to serve with.  Our next trip with them is in October, during Fall Break, to build homes in the Dominican Republic.

If you've never been on a short-term mission trip, check out Northside's opportunities at

- Doug Newland