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An Unstoppable Force: Day 8 Breath Prayer

“And so we came to Rome!” (Acts 27:14b)

The story of Acts is epic. Its author, Luke, takes us all the way from Jerusalem, capital of Judaism, to Rome, capital of the empire, with Paul as the leading evangelist. Back in those days, this would have been a massive undertaking, even for a visionary like Paul, but then again, he was no ordinary person. Raised in what is now Southeastern Turkey, he had dual citizenship, knew several languages, received extensive religious training among the Jews, and was also quite familiar with the ways of Greeks. No wonder God tabbed him for such a seemingly impossible venture! From perilous encounters with hostile forces in Jerusalem, to near-death rescues in Asia Minor, to laugh-in-your-face ridicule at his preaching in Greece, to arrests, beatings, and shipwreck, God inched the Good News forward through Paul’s commitment to make Jesus famous. This, then, is how the gospel got to Rome, and, through the ministries of so many others like him, to us as well. Today, we are praying, Thank you, Father, for all those who have worked so hard for so long on behalf of so many to get the Good News to all of us, especially for ________ and ________.