The School of Ministry is an inexpensive one- or two-year program that equips college age and adults to become effective Christian leaders in any field where God might call them to serve.  The program provides a solid Bible education, trains in practical ministry, equips for leadership, and provides the opportunity for hands-on training with Northside ministers in a specialized area of ministry.

Program Overview

Students will take two 1.5 hour classes per week on Thursday afternoon/evenings during the school year--one Bible class, and one practical ministry class.  Those considering vocational ministry pursuits are urged to complete the 2-year program, plus serve two terms of a practicum with a minister/director to gain valuable hands-on experience.

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Who Can Attend

This program is offered to college age and adults who want to give their lives to Christian ministry, whether vocationally or as a high capacity volunteer leader, but don't see the traditional 4-year Bible college or seminary degree as a viable option.  This program is doable for those working full-time or taking other local college classes.  

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For those completing just one year, you'll receive a Northside 1-year certificate.  Those enrolled in year two will attend the International Conference on Missions (ICOM) in November, and may have the opportunity to join a ministry team to a conference.  Upon completion of the full 2-year program, including practicums, the graduate will earn a Northside 2-yr certificate and a scholarship of $900 towards a Northside short-term mission trip.  Completion of the program might even help land that ministry internship or job.

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$1,000 per year covers all books, classroom instruction, conferences, apprenticeship, and a credit towards a mission trip in the second year.

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**Check back soon for more info on the 2019-2020 term!

2018-2019 term starts August 30, 2018 and concludes on May 30, 2019.  Classes are coordinated with local school schedules for spring/fall breaks and holidays.

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