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Here at Northside, we know that people are worried about the events that have materialized in the Middle East. We don’t know the scope and length of the conflict, but we do know that we serve a sovereign God who is powerful and in control. It’s our conviction that since God is in control, we should be a people who are self-controlled by exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23. Our hope is in Christ, so there is no need to panic or be consumed with worry. We also believe that Christ followers should reflect Biblical integrity and sound doctrine at this time. Please find recommended resources below that may help to answer your questions about Israel, the Church, and the future.

End Times Workshop With Bobby Harrington

Church and Culture Podcast Episode 80: On the War in Israel

In this conversation between Dr. James Emery White and co-host Alexis Drye, they discuss the crisis that began overseas on Saturday, October 7 when the terrorist organization known as Hamas began to attack Israel. The brutality of these attacks has been difficult to watch. In response, Israel has declared war and is preparing for a ground invasion of the Gaza strip to target Hamas. How are Christians supposed to respond to this? Can war ever be just?

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Does God Still Have a Plan for Israel?

This audio and article by Bobby Harrington discusses three Christian views on Israel today.

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