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Quest 52: March 16

This week’s devotionals are from the “Person of Jesus” series in Mark Moore’s Quest 52. For this series, we are looking to the person of Jesus trying to discover where he came from and what drove him to his destiny of death. This first series is about the BEGINNING of Jesus's life: his birth and the striking events surrounding his arrival. Slow down, read the text, and then let the text read you.

How would you answer a child who says. “That’s not fair”? Can you think of a specific example?

Share about a time when you felt special because you were in someone’s inner circle. What specifically made you feel valued?  

Have you had an experience in church that made you feel like you didn’t belong? What made you feel that way? How did you respond? 

Are you sending messages verbally or nonverbally that could make people feel like they don’t belong in Jesus’s inner circle? What could you do differently to be more open, especially in your smaller groups?

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