Quest 52: March 30

This week’s devotionals are from the “Person of Jesus” series in Mark Moore’s Quest 52. For this series, we are looking to the person of Jesus trying to discover where he came from and what drove him to his destiny of death. This first series is about the BEGINNING of Jesus's life: his birth and the striking events surrounding his arrival. Slow down, read the text, and then let the text read you.

When you think of the term religious person, who comes to mind? What are the characteristics of that person? 

What does it mean to be born again? Think of it in terms of a personal experience, not a theological definition. 

What keeps people in general or you specifically from being born again?

In what areas of your life have you tried to be a secret disciple? Have you ever been embarrassed about your faith or afraid to share it openly? 

These are great questions to discuss with your Life Group or spiritual mentor. 

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